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response to LJ post [Nov. 24th, 2008|04:21 pm]
In my post about being refused income protection insurance I asked Trashi ( Cotton) if she would see if she could get some coverage.  This was her response:

"deputy editor (who's skinny) just asked me to do a feature story about discrimination against overweight people - focussing on the many "invisible" things that the rest of society doesn't notice.

You don't have to be on the record, it can be anonymous contributions.
It can be instances/comments from as many areas as possible: medical, public transport, income protection insurance, fertility stuff, fashion, change rooms - as many different angles to show how prevalent the discrimination is, in areas that the general public might not have thought about.

He didn't give a specific length, but probably if you want to write about 200wds to summarise your experiences and I can contact u/go from there. If you want to write about positive discrimination, maybe keep that shorter.

he said he wants the perspective of overweight people who are fit and productive and those who are sickly and less productive too.

I have to get onto it as soon as possible. i get monday and tuesday off, so can do it then.
If you know anyone who has cases of discrimination and would like to send me their comments, feel free to pass on my email: cotton.ward@gmail.com."

This would be a great thing to support...and it would be fabulous if we could also get rid od the word overweight because I hate it!!..email her please and pass this on