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Because I can [Jan. 4th, 2009|02:20 am]
I am not sure what to write ---its been a big family time, sigrids not mine, although mine now I suppose.  I miss really mine.  My dog is old, not around much longer.  I love being back in granville, I am addicted to tetris at the moment, I miss my friends, call me...

I AM SO GLAD ITS 2009 hooray

I lost my wallet today..left it a roadside veg stall in up town dural for 10 minutes...give me the poor people any day , my wallet would have still been there if it was the local fruit shop.

Its 2.30 I cant sleep because I have been too tired all day....

Happy 2009

I am nearly 50

I am nearly 20 years sober

not sure which is the biggest thing