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For those that know her [Feb. 12th, 2009|08:07 pm]
Maude, the marauder, mad kelpie x fox terrorist, went off to chase tennis balls in doggy heaven today....Maude was 16 and as still naughty as a puppy despite only one good leg,  sight and hearing pretty much gone, breathing problems and this week an abscess on her tooth/face.

Many people have known and loved Maude. I am the most lucky and privileged of those people because  I have shared her life since that day in March 1993 when she followed me down the street at the ripe old age of 5 weeks. 

In the 16 years we have shared she has loved me and driven me to distraction.  I have loved her, chased her, played with her.  Many sheets ( only expensive ones!) and stuffed toys have fallen victim to her.  We have walked many miles, swam, cuddled, slept curled up, cried together.  She has charmed many little boys, and big girls, a floozy to the end.  She has survived runs up highways, jumps under cars and many horse kicks to the head.  Maude was so clever she went from beginner to next to the top class in agility in 5 weeks.  Unfortunately she learnt that she could jump fences too.  I cried with fear when she has run away from the thunder monster ( over that fence) or  climbed out of the moving horse float..somewhere on the way.......

Today I held her while she slept.  She will sleep forever under Michaels pear tree where she can yap at the passing people.  She has gone to be with her old friends Sam and Possum and Sascha. She was the last of the gang...

[User Picture]From: falcngrl
2009-02-12 01:41 pm (UTC)
Sorry for your loss darl. I remember many of your stories about Maude.
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