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A day in the life of Lesley

19 January 1959
I am a fat English-Australian married dyke, with a lot more labels...

I live with three dogs, two fox terrier x , Patrick and Maude, and a beautiful black girl called Tippy who is my stepdog as well as two tortoiseshell cats called Sascha.

I am happy, healthy and slightly twisted. I have a strong commitment to justice and social change. For fun I love live music, theatre and shopping - oh and work and study.
activism, activists, adult education, alternative beauty, audiobooks, bargains, bdsm, big bellies, body modification, body piercing, body positive, boobs, books, breasts, butch dykes, capacity building, casey donovan, cats, chocolate, chosen family, clothes that fit, community activism, community development, cooking, cutting, diversity, dog parks, dogs, drag kings, dykes, ebay, ember swift, empowerment, erotica, farmers markets, fat, fat acceptance, fat activism, fat allies, fat girls, fat positive, fatchicks, fatdykes, female musicians, feminism, festivals, fetish, fisting, folk music, fox terriers, fruit, fruitmusic, ftm, fucking, genderfuck, genderqueer, genderqueers, healthy living, honesty, human rights, identity, immigration, independent artists, indigenous issues, individuality, intelligence, kink, kinky sex, kissing, knife play, leatherdykes, lesbian, lesbian loving, lesbianism, lesbians, live bands, live music, local government, lyndell montgomery, management, movies, music, musical theatre, nolose, overcoming adversity, peace, people of size, people watching, perversion, philosophy, piercing, place, planning, plus-sized women, politics, positive thinking, queers, reading, refugee issues, rough sex, self acceptance, sexual freedom, sexuality, size positivity, size-ism, size-positive, smut, spirituality, tattoos, tea, the happy side show, theatre, thinking, transgender, travel, urban design, voluptuous women, weight oppression, women of size, womens music, woodford folk festival